• How to get free Locker Codes

    Before going into the NBA 2k18 Locker Codes first lets see what they are used for with brief history. If Basketball is the most followed game in all of America, then undoubtedly the NBA 2K series is on the list of the most followed sporting games. With more people interested in the game but not everyone getting a chance to play it in the field, the chance to live their dreams through the virtual reality is what is offered by the NBA 2K series. There is a seasonal edition released every year from 1999 and what we are waiting for is the 19 th  edition, the NBA 2K18.

    NBA 2K18 locker codes

    get 2k18 locker codes now

    So if you are already playing the game, then you are probably well aware of the importance of having the virtual currency. For those who are negligent, the Virtual currency, is the gaming currency, the cash that is used for purchasing the player features and many more upgrades that can make you truly invincible in this game.

    NBA 2k VC

    The VC, acronym for virtual currency is virtually everything you need in this game of virtual basketball. Stamina for existing players, enter into the game, make your game play more intense and exemplary. In short, with a lot of VC, you will find yourself in the game that will make gaming extremely exciting and entertaining.

    Now that you know what are you all about?

    But unfortunately getting the VC is not as easy as it seems. You need to play really well and you need to play continuously to make the currency. Again it can not be enough to actually buy any feature or get your hands on a diamond player pack. So what can you do?

    Yes, you can use the locker codes, the alphanumeric code that is awarded to you by the game or whenever there is a promotional offer of the company. But these locker codes are also not that easy to come by and they are issued by the company. And another biggest limitation with these lockers is that you can not use them more than once. So you get a code and use it, it becomes null and void. When the locker code is issued by the sports company, you do not have a say in the VC that this locker code will award you.

    The other option is to pay some money and get these virtual currency credited to your account. The question is "are you really willing to cash in your real money to get some game currency, but are you passionate about the game?"

    Well, you do not have to lose money on the game. You can keep both by simply switching to the NBA 2k18 Locker Codes .

    The minds behind the generator

    The key to success of these generators is to increase the number of players in the game. The generator is aimed at providing a level of battlefield, in this case a short basketball, where everyone can play with their full strength and emerge out of their game depending on their game.

    The generator has been developed by a team of well-known programmers who understand the gaming community and who also happen to be gamers themselves. They are good at what they do and they make sure that they are not compromised in the game. The generator is designed to ensure that the most naive of the players are able to score well in the game. It has been tested well by many different beta testers to ensure its efficiency and its use only in the codes of the game server, there is no doubt about the possibility of the code being ineffective.

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    How useful is NBA 2K18 Generator?

    The Generator is designed to provide unlimited NBA 2K18 Locker Codes to the users which will maintain game enthusiasm. The generator of customized solutions, from the inside of the game server. The unlimited VC and diamond players which you discover from the generator will help you expedite your game. The NBA 2k18 Generator is safe to use due to its anti-ban protection and proxy system. The protection system of the generator enables the use of the tool more than ounce of the same IP address and without any fear of getting banned. You can be sure that you will be able to use your computer for a future reprimand.

    Important Features:

    The NBA 2k18 Locker Code Generator is the talk of the town for basketball fans. It not only costs money and time but the players of the game. The generator tool is quick and simple to use. It is possible to generate unlimited VC within a couple of minutes. Let's find a few imperative features of the generator:

    • Quick and User-friendly Generator:  Using a Generator for Locker Codes is very simple as the tool is user-friendly and very simple. Following few simple steps will lead you to generate Locker Codes which can be redeemed to reap NBA 2k18 such VCs, player packs, and diamond players.
    • Downloads and Passwords not required:  The NBA 2k18 generator can be accessed online easily. So need to download any software or any application. Just complete the procedure to locker codes. Once you have completed the steps, you will be able to see where you are. Locker code flashed on the screen. Just copy the code and redeem it. Sometimes the Locker Code is sent via registered email.
    • Free Locker Codes:  The Locker Codes are absolutely free to use. No need to pay and play. You can acquire free Locker codes and enjoy unlimited virtual currencies. The Locker Codes are available as long as they are helpful to the general public.
    • Customized Locker Codes:  The locker codes are designed to be used by the generator. Whether it is Xbox One / 360 or PS3 / 4 each code will be used by the user. The user also gets a chance to select between NBA 2k18 VC or Diamond Player Code Locker to be generated.
    • Unlimited fun : What makes the generator even more effective? There are no limits on how many times you can use the generator. You can easily go for 50,000 VC every day in the day. It does not matter which country you are in.

    Steps to avail NBA 2K18 Locker Code:

    Generators are the easiest and fastest way to generate unlimited Virtual Currencies. The Locker Code can be used with your favorite console to boost your gaming power. NBA 2k18 Locker Code.

    • Visit the website and click on "Get Locker Code".
    • You will be redirected to the next page where you have to select the console platform among PS3 / 4, Xbox One / 360, Windows or Android. As every Locker Code is different from each other and works for any particular console, you need to be careful on the console you choose.
    • Next, select the VC denomination or you can choose to win the game.
    • You might have to verify yourself by entering a small captcha.
    • Once you are successfully redirected to the next page you can complete a survey, which helps to generate revenue for the team and it hardly takes a couple of minutes to complete.
    • Once the survey is over, the code will be displayed on the screen or it will have been emailed.
    • Launch the game into your gaming console by signing in to your game account.
    • Now in the main menu select features and select the option Locker Codes to enter the code generated by the tool.
    • NBA 2K18 gaming experience.